Thursday, November 8, 2012

Christmas Light Outlet Flasher, or Winker!

Flashing Christmas lights are a staple in countless households across the country and a classic effect for the holidays. One old school method of getting your lights to flash randomly is using a small in line flasher like the classic Winker flasher. These small black units go in between your lights and the power source, they heat up via a small thermocouple and it basically switches the power on and off.

Outlet flashers can handle 100 watts of power, so thats around 20 C7 Bulbs, 14 C9 bulbs, and around 250 or so Mini christmas lights. Unfortunately LED lights won't work on the Outlet winker by them self  they don't pull enough power to cause the thermocouple to heat up and cause the switching to occur. One trick that we've discovered with a lot of LED products is if you use a incandescent light in between the controller and the light string it will have a buffer effect and cause led christmas strings to be easily controlled. You can use this trick for this flasher and faders.

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