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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

20 count Craft Lights back in stock!

Craft Lights

20 Count Craft Lights are back in stock! Our short lead sets (17" lead) quickly sold out this year but they are back. Our 20 count mini light sets are some of the most popular strings for use in lighting glass blocks and wine bottles. These incandescent craft christmas lights are available in individual sets or in cases of 24 sets.

Our Green and White Wire sets are available for immediate shipment (as of 7/10/13) so order early and get all the lights you need for your craft projects in the coming months.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

20 count Craft lights back in stock

We have our 20 count Craft lights with short lead wires back in stock! We bought all our supplier had so we would have as many as possible in stock for as long as possible in 2013, but as you can see we don't have a ton! So stock up early so you can have some for all your craft projects next year.

We are also considering buying new wine bottles in various styles, we are talking to many of our largest craft light strings purchasers about carrying wine bottles and have found a great supplier for bottles of all colors, shapes, and styles! Stay tuned to our blog or facebook for more info!

Click here to go to our Craft Lights page to shop.

All American Christmas Co.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Warm White LED vs Incandescent Christmas Lights

LED vs Incandescent Christmas Lights

Warm White LED Christmas lights are a great alternative to traditional Incandescent Christmas lights because the color is about as close as one can get to that warm filament lit glow that classic Christmas lights offer. The images to the left is a comparison of Warm White LED Christmas Lights and Incandescent Mini Christmas Lights.

I grabbed the one of each our of craft light cases, these LED set in the picture is our Warm White 25 count Wide Angle 5mm String, the Mini lights are our 20 count Craft Light sets. The LED Light set is on the left and the Incandescent Mini lights is on the right. Now for a caveat, Colors are subjective everyones eyes are a little different and furthermore monitors are a little different, colors on a Mac may not look like a PC, your computers color settings could be different so don't take what your eyes see on a monitor as a 100% accurate representation of what ANY color of something is.

Here are some differences in LED vs Incandescent
  • LED Craft Lights use 2.4 watts a set
  • Mini Craft Lights use 9.6 watts a set
  • LED Craft sets generate no heat
  • LED Christmas lights bulbs are molded in and won't become loose or twisted when inserting into a bottle or block.
  • LED Craft sets have 24" lead wire (the plug to the first bulb)
  • Incandescent Craft sets have either 24" or 36" lead wire

All American Christmas Co.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brown Wire Christmas Lights

Brown Wire Mini Lights
"Our Brown Wire Craft Mini Lights"
All American Christmas Co. is proud to carry a selection of Brown Wire Mini Christmas Lights!

Brown wire mini lights are a fairly popular light string for those that know about them, they are easy to integrate in to many designs and they don't look too "Christmasy" so they are great for using other times of the year. You can incorporate brown wire christmas lights into indoor and outdoor decorations, they hide easily against trees for lighting parties or weddings, and look great lighting for other holidays like thanksgiving.

Our newest member of the family is our Brown Wire Craft Lights sets, these sets feature Brown wire, 20 clear mini lights 6 volt lamps, Approx. 3.5 inch bulb spacing, 24" lead wire, and only one plug. These sets are just like many of the other 20 light sets we carry and since they only have the one plug they are perfect for crafts such as lighting glass blocks or wine bottles.

In addition to our brown wire craft lights in 20 count we also carry the same type of set in a 50 and 100 light count option. These sets are spaced closer to 4 inches apart and can be strung end to end. These are the sets you'd want to go with if you are needing to do long runs of lights and again they are great indoors and out.  We also offer these larger sets in case lots so you can buy multiples and save in the long run!

If you are interested in our brown wire light strings please Click Here to check out what we offer on the site. Be warned that we only have around 100 of the 20 count sets in Brown wire. Our 20 light sets are some of the most popular light strings we carry and these are bound to sell out before we get our new stock for 2012 so order early to insure you'll have them when no one else will!

All American Christmas Co.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding light ideas

     There are a ton of great products to use for a Wedding ceremony and/or reception! I've gone on and on in previous blogs about how popular Curtain lights are and how great they look for weddings. I'll get to them but first I'm going to give some details on some other great lights for weddings.

White Wire Mini Lights
Click here to see our Mini Lights
     White wire mini lights come in a variety of bulb spacings and bulb colors! Bulb spacing can vary from 2.5 inches apart all the way up to 8 in some cases, and Mini light bulbs come in all the standard colors; Clear, Frosted White (show), Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Amber, Teal, and Multi. Mini lights are a great way to accent the colors of wedding party and a great for table decorations. Mini lights are also great for hanging from the ceiling creating a swag effect!  Mini light strings vary in bulb counts from 20 all the way up to 150 lights per string so unless you're lighting a football stadium chances are mini lights will meet your lighting needs!

Globe Lights
Click Here for Globe Bulbs
They are on the bottom of the C7 & C9 Page
     Globe lights are pretty common for decorators, they are the quintessential outdoor decorative light! They come in a variety of colors and sizes but it's hard to beat a clear or pearl white color Globe lights especially for a wedding! These lights go in either C7 or C9 light line which you can custom cut from a spool to fit almost any need. Globe lights are perfect for hanging outside outdoor tents and are killer for lighting walkways if you're doing a dusk/nighttime wedding. The standard size is called G50 and can fit into either C7 or C9 base,  G50s are approx. 2" in diameter. Some people complain about price (around 16 bucks for 25 bulbs) but these bulbs will last a long time if maintained.

Rope Light
Click here to view our Rope Light
     Rope light is a great form of accent lighting. It's compact, attractive and easy to decorate with! Rope lighting is great for going down walk ways or aisles, for wrapping columns or hand rails. Rope light comes in spools of 150' with all the accessories you would need to make multiple runs of rope light for your special day. Just like mini lights rope lights are great to make swag lights.

Curtain Lights
Click here to view our Curtain Lights
     Curtain lights for weddings are super popular! Many decorators and the like rent out curtains lights but if you're a do it yourself-er like many of us are and want to save and buying your own to use and reuse on other holiday projects. We offer a smaller light curtain thats around 5 feet tall and a larger one that's around 9.5 feet tall! Like the picture on the right shows these curtains are great for going behind tables at a reception, they are great behind the bridge and groom during the service. A great effect is had by putting the light curtain behind some sheer fabric, this hides the wires slightly and looks great!

If you have any questions please visit the site or give us a call Mon-Fri 8-5 CST

All American Christmas Co.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mini Light Description Video

Here's my video giving you a run down on mini lights, stay tuned for more videos! Thanks.

All American Christmas Co.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mini Light Black Out & Color Caps

Black out caps have been a popular product for many years, they are a black cap that slides over bulbs that you don't need lighting. They are perfect for cleaning up decorating projects. Lets say you want to outline your homes windows with mini lights if you connect the strings end to end there will be extra mini lights hanging between the windows, and with black out caps you can black out the lights for cleaner decorated look. The picture to the left shows the difference before and after. There has been a growing popularity for caps for mini lights, and color caps have been showing up more and more.

Color caps work best of clear mini lights bulbs and are used to of course change the color of the bulb. Color caps are a translucent rubber that is colored and they come in all the most common colors. These are great for doing custom displays or decorating projects so you can get the perfect combination of colors. Using color caps is easier than changing out actual bulbs and cheaper too!

All American Christmas Co.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Craft Lights! Perfect for bottles and glass blocks.

We here at All American Christmas Co. are proud to carry the best mini light and LED craft light strings. For Mini lights our 20 count and 35 count light strings both are made with only one plug, we call these sets No End Connector sets (or NEC for short). These light strings have the male plug with up to 3 feet of lead wire (wire from the plug to the first bulb) and they end with a bulb instead of a female plug. So with these sets you cannot plug them end to end, which makes them great for decorating glass blocks or bottles.

Our 20's and 35's, as we call them, come in a variety of bulb colors with all the standard mini light colors being represented. These lights come on both Green and White wire. These strings are relatively short so you wont have a mile of wire inside your craft project, or have to have lights hanging outside the craft either, using sets that made for this type of project will help make a cleaner looking end product! Our 3 foot lead sets are great because you don't have to use and extension cord to plug the craft in in most instances!

We have a couple options for LED craft sets, we have two 25 light count sets that come on either white or green wire with Warm White leds. The sets are NEC and are a low power & long life alternative to mini lights. They have a higher upfront cost but are going to last over 10 times longer! We also have battery powered LED sets, they will last Approx 30 hours with 3 AA batteries, and would be great for decorating without having to worry about a wire running down the wall.